Landscaping and Sedum Roof Specialists.

Operating West Midlands, Worcestershire and Warwickshire.

E: — T: 07938 077 499

TRS Green were created by individuals who specialise in landscaping and roofing at the labourer, operative and management levels. This experience includes work on domestic, heritage and large city sites throughout the UK. TRS Green’s focus is to combine specialist skills with Science and Ecology, in order to provide a space which not only looks pristine, but is also built to sustain.

TRS Green’s passion is for all things natural, as we understand the importance of gardens and outdoor spaces as places of calmness, interconnectivity and inspiration. Our vision is a company which has the potential to turn any outdoor space into a place of serenity, no matter what condition it’s in.

The same problems persistently arise within the Construction industry. With many companies, roadblocks are preventing passion from translating into practice. Rather than remaining comfortable, TRS Green envisions change:


TRS Green is an honest company. We became disillusioned with what is believed to be company profit motives, interfering with real work and true craftsmanship. Instead of a company that aims to complete work as quickly and cheaply as possible, TRS Green strives to give truthful, authentic and honest workmanship and advice. While a company must grow, TRS Green always puts genuine practices above profit.


TRS Green believes that passion translates into good work and practice. Creativity is at the forefront of this value. Whilst we work with each client to produce what is envisioned, it is essential that staff at TRS Green can help advise in this process when asked. TRS Green does not promote unrealistic schedules and targets. Our company founder believes that companies which put a strain on their workers encourage bad practices and dissolve passion. TRS Green employs passionate, focused and refreshed staff to tackle the jobs at hand.


TRS Green believes that greenwashing and dishonest policies are too abundant in the industry. Often a company will market itself as environmentally friendly whilst conducting bad practices behind closed doors. Destructive chemicals and hazardous waste are usually produced whilst a company aims to retain its green aesthetic for profit. TRS Green does not seek solely to offset carbon production. Instead, TRS Green strives to create structural change that promotes environmentally friendly behaviours and uses organic produce wherever possible.


TRS Green innovates ideas using the latest scientific, botanical and ecological knowledge. Rather than viewing each task as a linear method to fulfil, TRS Green considers each task as part of an interconnected whole. Therefore, unique ideas and testing are at the forefront of our values.