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Sedum Roof Systems:

Our Sedum Roof System make use of a UK-grown blanket. Our system is ready to install on an existing roof; otherwise, we provide brand-new water-tight roofs at an extra cost.

Depending on the nature and desired aesthetic of your roof, we offer both liquid coat or mastic asphalt layers as water-tight, root barriers for your sedum roof.

All roofs must be pre-subject to approval by a verified roof surveyor, and a survey forwarded to us pre-installation. All roofs, especially green roofs, make an impact on load-bearing. As well as this, all roofs must undergo a water test pre-installation to ensure it is free from leaks. We may conduct this test free of charge as part of an established contract or if we perform other works on the property. We are unable to water-test roofs as part of the quotation stage, and a contract must be signed to conclude that this has been performed.